About Us



Ashley grew up on Cape Cod, moving back after college. She is a licensed social worker, who recently completed a masters program at Boston University, go Terriers! While in graduate school, Ashley worked full-time and kept up with two internships. Ashley has found cooking and working out helpful ways to keep herself well, mentally and physically. She has always had a knack for turning unhealthy meals into healthier versions. One day while she was meal prepping for the week, she realized she was sick of eating egg cups and overnight oats for breakfast.  She had an idea: protein bagels! After SEVERAL attempts, and a ton of bagel research (she put her graduate skills to the test), she came up with the recipe for Six Pack Bagels!



Ryan is a Cape Cod native, who has always found himself tied to the restaurant industry. He has used his culinary skills to not only impress and win over Ashley, but helped a good friend open a restaurant in Seattle. After moving back to Cape Cod in 2012, Ryan started his own fitness journey. Ryan lost over 40 pounds through diet and exercise. As most of us know, losing weight is challenging, but keeping the weight off most difficult. Ryan uses his culinary voodoo to help make sure Six Pack Bagels are perfect.